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Our Mission

The Kentucky Denturist Association exists to represent and support Denturists in their efforts to provide the highest level of professional care to the citizens of Kentucky. We will help meet the needs of the citizens of Kentucky for oral prosthetics and to offer affordable alternatives to the high cost of these dental needs. Our members pursue the advancement of the profession through continuing education, providing access to care, and protection of the public.

Denturists are healthcare professionals specifically educated and trained to manufacture, fit and service dentures, all from one clinic. Denturists are primary dental health care providers who provide denture care services directly to the public. Denturists are trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients who are missing some or all of their teeth. In addition, Denturists study the technical art of fabricating partial and complete dentures and are able to diagnose patients in their clinics and fabricate their dentures for them as well in their own onsite laboratories. Your Denturist will collaborate with you, your family and other healthcare professionals to promote and maintain your oral health.